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Jambiani, Zanzibar, Tanzania



 +48 785258785


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Beach Villa

Ocean view

Breakfast overlooking the Ocean? How about lounging with a drink while the azure of the Ocean is in front of you?

Only at Bandari Beach Villa do you get such views


We offer many unforgettable tours. You will see the Zaznibar that you couldn't get to know with a travel agency.

Photo Session

All guests that decide to visit Bandari will be presented with a special offer - an album and a photo session. A perfect souvenir to remember your stay.



Stay with breakfast or the HB version? No worries. We have local and Ukrainian cuisine to choose from right next door

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We invite you to a beautiful place on Earth that is Zanznibar. Our Villa is located right on the beach. Many offers of hotels and other facilities "stretch" the description, so as to attract tourists to themselves. It's not all pie in the sky for us as you can find out for yourself.

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Four cozy rooms in African local style with amenities such as a refrigerator and kettle will allow you to spend a comfortable time without any concerns

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There is more to Zanzibar than just the ocean, which you can enjoy while lying on the private terrace. Zanzibar is rich in various flavors and sights. If you wish you will be introduced to its most beautiful face.

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Photo Session

All our guests will have the opportunity to use an additional service - a professional photo session, resulting in a wonderful souvenir for life in the form of a photo album.

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